Curriculum vitae


Dr. Dimitrios Savvidis is currently employed by the European Commission, Directorate General of Climate Action (DG-CLIMA), Unit Transport C4, in Brussels Belgium. He is responsible to develop and implement EU policy as regard the reduction of CO2 emissions from heavy duty road vehicles. This will involve assisting in the preparation of CO2 emissions simulation technology for heavy duty vehicles and drafting appropriate legislation to give effect to this simulation technology so that CO2 emissions may be monitored and verified. He's been also responsible for the research and development of VECTO simulation tool and its dissemination worldwide. He is also helping to further develop the Unit's understanding of the heavy duty vehicles industry and he’s been working closely with industry and other stakeholders such as Member State authorities and NGOs. Among other tasks he is managing one (or more) Commission funded projects relating to these tasks, preparing briefings, letters, attending meetings within the Commission or Council or European Parliament and giving presentations.

Dr. Savvidis has been a Senior Lecturer and visiting Professor at University of Antwerp in Antwerp, Belgium. He was responsible to contribute to the teaching and provide the support to UG and PG students in the Mechanical/Automotive Engineering subject area within Faculty of Applied Engineering. He was mainly occupied to carry out high quality research, develop research programs, and produce publications at international journals and conferences. His main duties also involved participation in the administrative and collegiate activities in the School and University. He’s been participating in various Intensive Programs (IP) across Europe providing presentations in different topics.

From 2006 to 2009 he has been member of a curriculum development group, funded by the European Union, with the task of developing materials (including self-study and distance learning) for a Master level course in New Technological and Ecological Standards in Automotive Engineering, CarEcology ( His specific roles have been to provide input on the topics of exhaust after treatment devices and technics, gas fuels, automotive drivetrain acceleration and deceleration behavior, as well as to advice on quality and the teaching and learning methodologies used. For three specified modules in the CarEcology programme he had lead responsibility (Module Leader) for managing and monitoring operational administration, curriculum development, and quality management and enhancement. Module leader for “Green Fuels”, “Developing Engine Technologies” and “Energy Efficient Design of Powertrain and Body”.

Dimitrios was born in Kozani, Greece, a small town 550km northwestern of Athens and 130km western of Thessaloniki, on the 30th of May 1974. His father, Konstantinos, has been the founder and director of a petrol station combined with a fuel supplier company and his mother, Anna, has been always working with him. He has two older brothers, Athanasios and Antonios.

In May 2011 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Road Transport Emissions in the Real World from the University of Leeds-School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering (SPEME) in England. Analysis of real world engine emissions and tests with different generations passenger cars have been among the main topics for his research studies. He also keeps from the same University a Master’s Degree, MSc in Transport Engine Emissions, Faculty of Engineering- Energy and Resources Research Institute (ERRI) since 2004. He did another postgraduate degree and obtained his Master’s, MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Leeds, Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1999. Both, second MSc and PhD, were funded and sponsored by ERRI and EPSRC and he was awarded several scholarships in order to successfully complete his studies. His Bachelor’s degree, BSc in Automotive Engineering, was awarded from Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki in 1998.

From 2010 to 2012 Dr. Savvidis has been a Seconded National Expert (SNE) at the European Commission in Directorate General-DG ENTR of Enterprise and Industry (Unit G4). As a policy officer was responsible for the management of the Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) emissions Directive 97/68/EC and performed all tasks related to legislation’s technical review. Draft policy proposals, background papers, legislative texts, briefings, replies to correspondence and parliamentary questions, negotiations with other services and handling of legal issues in co-operation with unit’s legal advisors were also part of his job. He contributed also to regulatory co-operation with third countries (China, TBT, etc.), following up the UN/ECE activities and relating legislation (tractors, automotive light duty and heavy duty) but also contributed to the management of the Directive on Noise from equipment used outdoors.

In 2007 he was appointed civil servant and permanent staff of the former Prefecture of Thessaloniki currently Region of Central Macedonia, at Directorate for Transport and Communications. Among other duties there he has been responsible for organizing all different passenger cars and trucks type approvals, issuing special driving licenses for disable people, performing ADR exams and vehicles new registrations.

From 2003 to 2007 he has been a Full Time Lecturer at the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, and from 2007 to 2010 Part Time, specializing in teaching IC engines, chassis and drivetrain engineering but also vehicular electronics. Lecturer for MEng/BEng Automotive Engineering and MSc (Eng) in Environment- New Technologies. He supervised more than 12 undergraduate students to success and was external examiner for a similar number of students within his school.

Prior to joining the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki as a lecturer, Dr. Savvidis was employed for 2 years as a homologation and legislation Engineer at Iveco Ford Limited in Watford, UK. He was responsible for European and national type approvals of Iveco’s trucks. He’s been also an internal auditor for ISO 9000. He has developed a strong international profile from various activities. He is a member of IMechE, SAE, SMMT, HSAE, NACCVT, FTA, SOE and FISITA. Also, he regularly acts on technical and organizing committee for international conferences: current and recent commitments include SAE. He has lectured widely to academic and industrial audiences throughout Europe.

Research interests: His current research interests are focused in the areas of exhaust emissions focusing in cold starts and Internal Combustion engines. Each area involves advanced numerical simulation coupled with experimental characterization and modelling of complex engine behavior. Some previous projects were concerned with Biodiesel, ethanol blends, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), gasoline engines and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). Main sponsors have been EPSRC, ERRI, Greek Ministry of Education and the European Social Fund.

Areas of expertise: Automotive engineering, Fuel science and technology, Alternative energy sources, Mechanical engineering, Transport studies, Combustion and fuel engineering, Engines, Gaseous fuels, Brakes, Ride and Handling.

Short courses: Over recent years he has attended and delivered a wide range of short courses in engine emissions management, transport pollution monitoring and modelling, spark ignition engine emissions, diesel particulate and NOx emissions, Common Rail Unijet, FSI, CAN Bus, braking of road vehicles, future trends for emissions legislation and electric and hybrid vehicles.

Publications: He has published more than 40 conference papers in his subject area and he has authored a first edition of a text book entitled “Modern Braking Systems and Safety”, ISBN No 960-630-763-8. Particular topics of interest have covered the ride, handling, safety, stability and braking of vehicles. He has worked extensively with industrial partners and applications have included passenger cars, commercial vehicles, racing cars, SUVs and off-road vehicles. He also retain a strong academic link with various Universities across Europe.

He graduated from ASPETE (School of Pedagogical and Technological Education) since he followed one-year full time program of pedagogical training, further training or specialization for in-service or prospective teachers. He successfully completed the pedagogical training program and was awarded a “Certificate of Pedagogical and Teaching Competence”. He is member of the National Accreditation Centre for Continuing Vocational Training (EKEPIS). He’s been teaching also at Vocational Training Centers and schools. Greek language is his mother tongue but speaks also excellent English, good Italian, basic French and Dutch.

A number of dedicated articles and interviews have been published at AutoTuesday, a weekly Greek car magazine, various newspapers and TV channels. He has been a former volley ball and football player and participated in a Go-Êart championship in England. In addition, is holder of a full and clean driving license for all categories but also holds a racing driving license. His passion for classic and historic cars made him participating in classical rallies in Greece with a Mini Cooper 1000cc 78, and an Opel Ascona 1200cc 76. Dimitrios is an organ donor and blood volunteer. He has travelled in Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Luxemburg, Belgium, Portugal, China, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, FYROM, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Mexico, India and US.

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